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The Rise of Polished Concrete Floors

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Polished concrete price

At first glance, the idea of concrete floors does not seem like something a lot of people would go for, but polished concrete has great potential. When considering concrete, many people may think of old gymnasium floors that don’t really have any eye appeal. This is no longer the case. Concrete polished floors are beginning to make a name for themselves. Commercial polished concrete is already being used in establishments such as the Tampa Museum of Art in Tampa, FL. Polished concrete floors have the sturdiness of the concrete base, with the brilliant shine of the polish to make them as enticing as they are durable. The concrete polisher may make the floors appear slippery, but concrete polished floors actually meet, and commonly exceed, OSHA standards. Polished concrete is typically less slippery than waxed linoleum or polished marble, no matter if it is wet or dry. The use of concrete polishing allows for easier to maintain floors. This is due to polishing concrete preventing tiny particles of dust to become pushed toward the surface of the floor, forcing epoxies off of the surface in a process called “concrete dusting.” If less maintenance sounds good, just wait to hear how to clean them. Concrete polished floors don’t need any buffing or waxing. That’s right, no buffing or waxing. All they require is a regular mopping with soapy water. So, not only are concrete polished floors less slippery than other floors and require little maintenance, they don’t require extreme, sometimes costly cleaning. Such an idea seems so simple it is almost too good to be true. The ability to take something commonly used for durability purposes with little cosmetic appeal, and turning it into something as brilliant as polished marble or granite is true innovation. Concrete polished floors have the potential to become as mainstream as the competitors.

Non Segregated Phase Bus

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Medium voltage switchgear

Today’s sophisticated technology requires a durable and protective covering in order to make sure certain elements are kept safe and secure. For example, electrical switchboards are housed in a metal enclosed system, such as a non segregated phase bus. A non segregated phase bus can be made in certain dimensions, depending on the specifications of the customer. Companies that provide protection for electrical switchboards also offer solutions like a Siemens bus plug and a distribution substation. It’s advised to get familiar with the overall benefits of a non segregated phase bus duct. First off, durable 11 gauge steel or aluminum is usually applied for the construction of a phase bus.

Stainless steel housing is also an option that customers can choose from as well. All enclosures have a baked on polyester powered coated paint to prevent trust and other harsh environmental elements. A non segregated phase bus is easy to install as well. Medium voltage switchgear can be kept safe from the harsh environmental elements by using the appropriate housing. Finding companies that offer non segregated phase buses is easily done by using search engines and social media networks as research tools. More information can be obtained from business directories and blogs as well.

FR Coverall Savings On The Web

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Arc flash protective clothing

If you need to wear arc flash protective clothing, arc wear and fireproof clothing stores on the web may be able to help you save a lot of money. Most maintenance uniforms, particularly womens fire resistant clothing, do not come cheap. If you would like to wear FR coverall clothing, which stands for fire resistant coveralls and clothing, look for a FR coverall supplier online first. By looking online, there is a good chance you are going to discover a fantastic deal on FR coveralls. If you want to make sure that you have a plan for cleaning FR coveralls once they have been worn enough fire, which is usually the case for a fire fighter, make sure that you find a professional FR coverall service in your part of town. In fact, you may want to speak to a professional coverall cleaning service about where to find fire resistant clothing in your area. While looking on the web might help you find a great discount on most of this type of clothing, purchasing these items from a local supplier is a great choice. The first time you purchase any type of coveralls, it is important to get sized appropriately.

If you end up wearing the wrong size of clothing, even if it is resistant to flame, you could end up getting hurt on the job. Arc welders, fire fighters and several other types of professionals that work around open flame most of the time understand that a first degree burn, a second degree burn or a third degree burn means missing time at work. The more time you miss while healing from a serious burn, the higher the chance that your employer is going to replace you. While most companies that work with open flame on a regular basis have liability and insurance policies in place to mitigate the risk of lost time due to injury, you may still end up having to take time off following a serious burn. Wearing FR coveralls is no guarantee when it comes to keeping workers safe around fire. However, these coveralls will at least provide a high degree of protection against getting burnt. Make sure that any member of your staff you higher that is going to work with a welding tool or otherwise be expected to work near open flame is well trained on safety and wearing appropriate gear every time they punch the clock.

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Consider A Mystery Shopping Agency

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Retail audit

If you would like to gain customer insights regarding your brand, your staff, and store layouts you might consider utilizing a mystery shopper agency. Top mystery shopping companies utilize targeted experience questionnaire to help you gain insight into customer opinions. These questionnaires target specific customer types and gain meaningful results through a fully customized customer satisfaction survey program. Furthermore, many top mystery shopping companies allow you to track customer feedback through customized web reporting tools. This enables you to understand why potential customers did not purchase and improve customer satisfaction. Furthermore, may top mystery shopping companies are capable of assessing your customers’ entire shopping experience through certified mystery guests.

Top mystery shopping companies help to ensure brand consistency across stores, even at remote locations and during busy times of the year. Furthermore, the results of top mystery shopping companies assessments can help improve training programs and reward staff through mystery guest evaluation of performance, as well as ensure the successful launch of products and initiatives across all stores and regions. Overall, top mystery shopping companies can be great options. Top mystery shopping companies help to ensure brand consistency across stores, even at remote locations and during busy times of the year. To gain insight into customer opinions regarding your store and your brand, consider consulting them.

What is a Hydraulic Splitter?

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Hydraulic tensioner

Hydraulic products are in use every day in a wide variety of industries including oil and gas, mining and construction, power plants, shipyards, steel mills, locomotives, off road equipment and cranes, and all types of industrial service companies supporting these market sectors. Hydraulic nuts, which incorporate their own internal hydraulic jack, are widely used in the oil and gas, offshore, mining, power generation, and heavy equipment industries, and in hydraulic pumps, pneumatic torque wrenches, hydraulic spreaders, and hydraulic bolt tensioners.

A hydraulic splitter is a device used to split or crack concrete, stone or granite. Unlike a hydraulic log splitter that forces a wedge into a log, the hydraulic splitter is comprised of a hydraulic ram that forces a wedge between two outer components known as feathers. The typical hydraulic splitter is a handheld device that resembles a cross between a hydraulic cylinder and a jack hammer. The cylinder component of the splitter is fitted with handles, switches and hydraulic hoses.

Hydraulic log splitters ease the task of splitting wood for your wood burning stove or fireplace. A log splitter relies on hydraulic pressure to force a log against the wedge, splitting the log in half. When air enters the hydraulic system, the ram of the log splitter loses power, as air displaces hydraulic fluid, reducing the pressure applied to the splitter’s ram.

While there are several advantages to working with a hydraulic splitter, they do require a certain level of regular maintenance in order to ensure that they continue to work properly. Removing air from the hydraulic system of your log splitter brings power back to the hydraulic ram, and should be part of regular system maintenance, and something you consider before committing to a hydraulic splitter. To ensure your log splitter can do its job, and for your safety, take care of the hydraulics and other key components before each use, before storing it and at key points during the log splitter’s life.

Franchise Marketing Can Help You Promote Your Business Better

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By creating content for mobile devices that is engaging and interactive, you can have a great franchise marketing plan to drive traffic to your physical location as well as your website. The truth is that if your franchise marketing campaign is not fresh and enticing, you will lose out because more than half of consumers have unliked a company’s Facebook page from always having the same boring and repetitive content. If you are unsure about how to initiate such a marketing campaign, your best chance is to hire a brand consulting firm to assist you. With a franchise consultant at your heels, you will have an experienced hand to guide your effort toward creating a very stimulating marketing package that your customers will get into.

While the earliest billboard rental was recorded in 1867, today, franchise marketing is completely different and the internet simply can no longer be ignored as a ripe resource to communicate important information about your location. Fortunately, brand marketing professionals also understand the importance of using the internet as a tool and they will make sure that they provide you with the best plan encompassing the net. After a brand marketing agency launches their campaign, it will not be long before you see some real customer results and that means that you should increase your business shortly after. Overall, this will provide your organization with the means to push the envelope in new direction an attract customers you never could before.

Teaching Your Employees How To Safely Use Lifting Chains Is Important

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Fall protection

Cranes have been used for thousands of years from the Ancients Greeks’ use of men or donkeys to the power cranes of today. When operating lifting gear, safety is imperative and while there are many safety features that different lifting devices come with, it is mostly all about proper training. When you receive training to show your employees how to correctly use lifting chains, fewer accidents will occur. Keeping employees safe is important when lifting chains are involved as heavy objects can cause problems that can gravely injure employees. A chain is not only an instrument for lifting, but is actually a unit of measurement that was once used in surveying with ten chains equaling a furlong and 80 chains equaling statute mile. When dealing with rigging safety training you need the best resources so you can make use of all these elements properly.

Common types of lifting chains fittings include S hooks, shackles, quick links, eye bolts, and eye nuts. When you are looking for help with crane safety, there are training companies that can show you how to safely use these fittings. With proper crane safety training, your employees will know the proper way to keep the equipment and themselves safe. In addition to crane training, they also should receiving training on material handling because improper handling of materials can pose serious risks to those working with the items. Finding the best training school will make it easy to turn all your employees into true pros.