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How CIPP Could Change Your Life the Next Time Your Pipe Bursts

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Trenchless pipe repair

Perhaps one of the best and more recent inventions to break on a homeowner’s horizon is the innovation of CIPP northern processes. CIPP stands for cured in place pipe and the CIPP northern process lets homeowners repair or replace their sewer pipes without having to dig up their yards and landscaping in the process. Goodbye expensive and ugly trench method! Hello, new and sleek CIPP northern method! If you’ve been noticing funky odors coming from your yard, an abundance of mold, and other signs that suggest you might have a faulty sewer pipe, you should look into CIPP northern processes immediately for quick and effective repair that won’t damage your yard. Even though CIPP can be mo

Who Wins With Energy Industry Deregulation?

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Alternative electricity for your home

Are you wondering what the deregulation of the energy industry is all about? Let’s say that you love hamburgers. One particular hamburger joint you visit has frozen hamburgers, terrible service, and poor hygiene practices. We’re willing to bet that you never return to that establishment. Instead, all your future hamburger needs are supplied by a hamburger provider who makes good-quality food and gives you good service. But, for the sake of this example, let’s say that the only hamburger stand you can go to also produces all of the hamburger meat in your area. No other businesses can compete with the terrible hamburger stand because they are the only ones who can who have access to the hamburger supply. You have no choice but to rely on the terrible hamburger stand for all of your hamburg

The Robots are Coming North America Sets Robotics Sales Records in 2015

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Plasma treating positions

If the world is marching inexorably towards the inevitable robot apocalypse, then North America may be paving the way for our future robot overlords.
In 2015, the Robotics Industries Association reported that the North American Robotics Market reached record levels. In the first half of 2015, a record 14,232 robots were ordered from North American robotics companies, with the robots valued at an estimated $840 million. By the end of 2015, that number would more than double. According to the RIA, 31,464 robots valued at $1.8 billion were ordered last year, a 14% increase in robots since 2014.
To be clear, those numbers only include industrial robotics, the kind used to automate a variety of industrial processes. More than 1 million commercial drones were also sold in the U.S. alone last year.