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5 Tips to Avoid Chargebacks

Written by Business magazine. Posted in Card not present fraud prevention, Merchant credit card processing, Payment processing services


More and more people are buying things online. E-commerce generates more than $931,000 every 30 seconds from computers and nearly $270,000 worldwide. Moreover people tend to spend more when shopping online than in traditional brick and mortar stores. The average American online purchase is for about $80. When people shop online, may know exactly what they are going to get and where they are going to get it. Nearly half (48%) say they have decided these two things before they go online to buy it. Most of this shopping online is done with a credit or debit card making it critical that e-commerce sites have a good merchant payment gateway company. This is crucial for providing stores with chargeback protection for ecommerce.

Chargeback is the term used when a customer disputes a claim on their credit card stat