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Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Can Divide Several Medicines Into Daily Doses

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Blister package design

By mid season the six seniors on the team were pretty superstitious. Especially when it came to crutches. If a single crutch or a pair of crutches were laying on a mat that one of the female gymnasts needed to move or use they would call out for someone who was already injured. Instead of touching a crutch and “catching” an injury, the oldest six on the team would ask someone who was already out for the season to move the offending crutch. When five of the 18 girls on your team are injured half way into the season, the uninjured crew is especially careful.
As the girls on the team learned to deal with torn achilles, rolled ankles, and several surgeries, they also learned quite a bit about doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, and both over the counter and prescription pain medications. The best