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Four Things to Consider While Choosing a Fire Protection System

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Are you looking for commercial fire alarm systems? No one wants to think about their commercial property going up in flames, but taking the time to consider it will help ensure that the commercial fire alarm you end up with is best suited to protect your business and the people inside it.

Having the right a commercial fire alarm installed in your business reduces the damage caused by fire in two ways. First and most importantly, your commercial fire alarm will alert everyone within the building to evacuate immediately if there was a fire. Secondly, your commercial fire alarm will send an immediate alert to the fire department as well as any management roles that need to be apprised of the situation immediately. This gets your building the help needed to put the fire out before it does th

Fire Sprinkler Systems

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A startling statistic is that at least half of high-rise fires occur in these four property classes: apartments, hotels, offices, and facilities that care for the sick. Every year, hotel and motel fires cause an estimated 15 deaths and 150 injuries, and result in over $75 million in property loss.

The owner of a commercial property, whether it be one of the above categories, or a sales office, data center, warehouse, shopping center, or other business usually housed in a large building, has a responsibility to protect the property, and its users, from fire. As such, it?s important to know as much about commercial fire protection as possible.

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