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Watch Your Step!

Written by Business magazine. Posted in Crane training, Rope and wire, Wire rope connectors

Hoisting and rigging

One of the things to keep in mind when working in construction or with heavy machinery is the safety against falling. Safety in the workplace has continued to grow and improve over the years, leading to lower hazards when dealing with construction. OSHA, in particular, has continued to fine tune the safety of the work place, so that workers may do their job without fear of falling. The steps they have taken to ensure this are numerous. Here are just a few examples:

There exists a three step process for OSHA, which is in place to prevent dangerous falls and save people from injury. These steps are plan, provide and train. OSHA fall protection takes each step carefully into account, given the appropriate time to all three to ensure as minimal risk as possible. First, they must plan out what is needed