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Reduce Waste and Take a Social and Environmentally-Friendly Stand With Green Packaging

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Green packaging

There is a considerable amount of plastic waste that is disposed of improperly every year.. Recent information shows that this amounts to roughly 31.9 million metric tons of plastic waste. In 2013, for example, there were 78 million metric tons of packaging produced throughout the world, and 40% of this was dumped into landfills. Another 32% of the world’s plastic waste “leaked” into the environment, and as a result, land and various bodies of water became polluted. Due to the large percentage of plastic waste that ends up in the oceans alone, the damages cost at least $13 billion every year.

In order to address this situation and reduce waste, reusable packaging can provide an excellent option. When a company chooses to make a positive social and environmental impact with green packaging, it can also m

Four Safety Precautions Before Opening your Doors to the Public

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Fire sprinkler inspection

You are almost ready to open your doors. You have perfected your product, pushed marketing to your targeted customers, and picked a date for your opening event. The last thing to do is to ensure your property or storefront is safe for handling large volumes of people. A single incident can put a lot of negativity on your business. Additionally, failing to meet city codes or safety requirements can lead to a temporary, or permanent, close on your business.

Evaluate all city codes and permitting requirements

Before you ever open your doors to customers, you will want to double check that you have followed all city codes and permitting requirements. You can usually obtain this information from your city clerk?s office. Request detailed information about city rules and go over every