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Why Nickel and Nickel Alloys are So Prized

Written by Business magazine. Posted in High yield steel, Monel recycling, Stainless steel uses

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We’re fairly familiar with stainless steel and its uses, but nickel and nickel alloys are another vital type of metal and type of alloys that are used in our everyday lives. In fact, the use of nickel is increasing by 4% every year and nickel that also contains stainless steel is increasing by around 6%. We can find nickel in everything from our cell phones to our methods of transportation to how we prepare the food we eat. Commercially, the energy and nuclear power industries rely on nickel and nickel alloys, and it’s often found in turbines and medical instruments. But what are the benefits of nickel? Why is it so often used? Why are nickel alloys so vital to our society? We’ll address all of these issues below.

What Is Nickel a