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Clamshell Packaging vs Paper Boxes Which One Is Better?

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It was not that long ago that Clemson University decided to try a test. They were curious about how much difference the packaging of a product made to those who saw it. They chose some items that were otherwise identical and packed half of them in made in USA clamshells and the other half in a traditional paper box. The colors and stylings on the outside of the packages were as identical as possible considering the differences between cardboard and clamshell packaging. The point of the study was to see how packaging affects the bottom line of any business throughconsumer behavior.

What Do We Know Already?

Studies have shown that packaging is important to consumers. A study done by West Rock Consumer Insights in 2016 found that 26% of people said product packaging is extremely important to their satisfaction with the product. That same study found that only 14% of buyers believed that brands were actively trying to satisfy the needs of their consumers by improving packaging.