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The Benefits of Soundproofing in the Office

Written by Business magazine. Posted in How to reduce noise in open office, Office noise cancelling, Office stress relief ideas

There can be many benefits to creating a soundproof office booth. A soundproof booth can help not only improve concentration, but it can improve customer relations. Consider some of the benefits below and see if soundproofing is the right option for your office space.

The Benefits of a Soundproof Booth

  • A soundproof phone booth for offices can allow for uninterrupted conversations with clients and customers. This can also be conducive for conference calls that are hosted over speakerphone. The sound is regulated to the room without reverberation, and any outside noise won’t be able to interfere. This is especially good for busy office spaces, where many people can be speaking at the same time. Soundproofing can reduce 51% of conversational distractions in the workplace. If multiple conversations are going on in the same space, it could make it difficult to focus on the particular client an employee is speaking to. Without being able to focus directly on assistin