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5 Types of Freight Shipping and Their Definitions

Written by Business magazine. Posted in Expedited shipping service, Pharma logistics solution, Trade show shipment

There are endless industries that use shipping in a variety of ways. The type of carriers, the amount they carry, and their prices all vary and one kind of freight service might work for one company but not another. Understanding the different types of freight shipping will help you to decide what kind your business should be utilizing.

1. LTL Shipping

LTL stands for “less than truckload”. This means that the freight is smaller and often takes up less than half a truck. This is ideal for companies that send out small shipments on a regular basis, such as an ecommerce business or regularly send out freight that is less than a truckload. The weight of the freight can range anywhere from 100 pounds all the way up to 10,000 pounds, although the latter is more rare.

2. Partial Truckload Shipping

This is the next step up from LTL shipping. Loads usually start around 5,000 pounds and go up. They usually take up at least half of the truck, but still don’t make a f