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How You Can Prevent Identity Fraud

Written by Business magazine. Posted in Industrial office shredder, Industrial shredder, Secure paper shredding

As you might unfortunately already be aware of, identity fraud is far more prevalent than it should be. It’s far more prevalent than many people realize as well – at least, until it happens to them. All within the year of 2017 on its own, as many as 16.7 million people fell victim to various forms of identity fraud, and that was all just inside of the United States, let alone anywhere else in the world.

There are many ways in which identity fraud can occur. For one thing, you can become a victim to identity fraud through your use of the internet, something that more and more people are growing aware of (and wary of) as internet use continues to increase and become more accessible than ever before. In fact, up to half of all people who use the internet will refrain from certain activities on it in order to protect their privacy and out of fear of identity fraud, according to data that was gathered by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration in the year of 2018