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Some Advice for Making a Successful Life Career Change

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It can be difficult for anyone to contemplate a career change, but as we age it becomes ever more difficult to consider starting life anew. A midlife career change can be very rewarding, but it can also be very difficult. Finding good career change advice or career change coaching can make all the difference, especially in a midlife career change.

  • Why do people contemplate a change later in life? The average person will change jobs between 10 and 15 times during the course of a life. Between 2015 and 2016 alone, almost 4% of the entire United States workforce transferred from one occupation to another completely different one. Many of these changes are spurred on by a desire to do something more meaningful or rewarding. Another reason for a midlife career change may be the desire to find something more challenging. Some simply want to find something that pays better or is a better fit for the personal changes they have gone through.
  • How

Clamshell Packaging vs Paper Boxes Which One Is Better?

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It was not that long ago that Clemson University decided to try a test. They were curious about how much difference the packaging of a product made to those who saw it. They chose some items that were otherwise identical and packed half of them in made in USA clamshells and the other half in a traditional paper box. The colors and stylings on the outside of the packages were as identical as possible considering the differences between cardboard and clamshell packaging. The point of the study was to see how packaging affects the bottom line of any business throughconsumer behavior.

What Do We Know Already?

Studies have shown that packaging is important to consumers. A study done by West Rock Consumer Insights in 2016 found that 26% of people said product packaging is extremely important to their satisfaction with the product. That same study found that only 14% of buyers believed that brands were actively trying to satisfy the needs of their consumers by improving packaging.

Commercial Warehouses Are Holding a Lot of Potential

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When it comes to storage space, nothing can really hold a candle to leasing a warehouse. Yet for a while businesses didn’t seem very interested in investing in them. That’s no longer the case with the rise of e-commerce and online shopping. That means that if you’re in the warehousing and distribution industries, this is a busy time on both the local and global levels.

The warehouse industry has been growing exponentially with warehouse space increasing by more than 86% since the early 2000s. Currently, an estimated 170,000 Americans currently work in the storage and warehouse leasing industry. This is, of course, partly influenced by the rise of technology and e-commerce, which is only expected to grow more and more over the next several years. With more businesses needing more ways to get their products out to vario

Food Production Involves Close Attention to Various Kinds of Processing Machines

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Factories that manufacture food products require many kinds of machines, conveyor belts, and inspection services. Whether it is a factory to package fresh frozen vegetables or it is a factory that produces popular cereals or canned soup, there is as much machinery involved as there is food ingredients. And in an effort to keep everything running both efficiently and safely, it is important that companies make sure that they upgrade their equipment. From tumbling drums to vibratory screeners, there are many specific kinds of parts and machines that are essential parts of the food processing industry.
When most consumers go to the grocery store to purchase their favorite items, they likely are not thinking about the entire production process that is a part of all of the packages items that they buy. There is however, an entire science behind food production. From sorting ingredients to mixing ingredients to packaging in plastics, cardboards, and other materials, the food production p

The Six Most Important Items in a Laboratory

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From the scientific freezer or lab refrigerator to the right sort of microscope, there’s certain equipment every lab needs to have. Here’s a short list of six of the most important pieces of laboratory equipment.


A centrifuge is a piece of laboratory equipment that can separate gases or fluid based on their density, or remove suspended material from nearly any sort of medium. Centrifuges are critical pieces of equipment for medical science and laboratory testing. Centrifugal force is frequently used with cell cultures, DNA, and blood sample testing. The spinning of the centrifuge causes the denser substances within a medium to move, and these denser substances settle on the outside while lighter substances remain in the middle. Centrifuges come in many speeds and sizes, and the right choice for any laboratory will depend on precisely wh

Metals Play an Important Role in the Manufacturing of Many Products

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There are many industries where it is important to know the difference between different kinds of alloys, as well as their various advantages and disadvantages. For instance, knowing the strength differences between monel vs inconel can help many manufacturing companies control the bottom line when it comes to production costs. And while examining the differences between monel vs inconel strengths may only show one side of an equation, when this information is compared to the pricing variables, companies of all sizes can make sure that they are making the best decisions.
Research on the minimum yield strength for various kinds of stainless steel products can also be beneficial in a number of industries. From companies that make rolling carts for restaurants to manufacturing pl

Private Jets Offer a Number of Benefits Over Commercial Airlines

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This is the life. After flying commercial for every business trip during the last 35 years, you have now realized how the other half lives. You never realized, in fact, how many different types of private jets there were. After retirement, however, you landed a consulting job with a company that requires so much travel they employ three of their own pilots. With a corporate jet that is used for most of the trips, you have found that there are many benefits to executive private jet charters. Two of the pilots the company works with, however, fly their own planes, so while you are typically on the company owned jets, you have also been on at least two different types of private jets.<

The Problem Of Employee Retention In The United States

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As Dallas temp agencies can tell you, finding the right person for a job is hugely important. A Human Resources recruiter does this work on a daily basis, constantly trying to find the right candidate to fill a position, often at high powered levels. But as any Human Resources recruiter can also say, it can be hugely difficult to find the right fit, and even when someone is ultimately selected to fill the role, there is no guarantee that they will stay in the position on a long term basis.

In fact, job retention rates have become something of a problem all throughout the United States, with more than half of companies viewing it as a problem and poor job retention costing eleven billion each year. With millennials and active and important part of the workforce as it is today, it has become more common to continue to consider other positions even as you are employed at one. Millennials are even often referred to as the job hopping generation, so to speak. This is directly linked to the

The Main Ways Charities Collect Donations

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Giving back to charity remains popular throughout the United States. Statistics from 2014 found that the sum of annual donations to charity organizations was $358.38 billion. Regardless of what you’re donating, it’s important to understand how charities receive these items. In this post, you’ll learn the similarities and differences between transporting donations and having them picked up.

Bringing Donations Directly to a Charity

Many people helping families in need bring donations directly to a charity. It’s understandable that many people also live incredibly busy lives. Considering that, you might want to drop your items off quickly. Whether bringing in clothing donations or other items, this process is completed faster than you might think. If you are donating clothing to charity, consider grouping items in boxes or bags. This makes bringing in large a

Four Tips for Making the Most of Your Clothing Donations

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Ever thought about donating clothing to charity? If you’re like most of us in America, you’re throwing away about 70 pounds of clothes and other home textiles every year, accounting for about 5% of all municipal waste. Only about 15% of such items we throw away will ever get recycled, and we not only keep doing it, but we are buying twice as many items of clothing than the average person did 20 years ago. Donating clothing to charity can be a wonderful way of recycling as well as helping families in need. Here are four tips on how to make your donated clothes do genuine good.

  1. Donate good stuff. This doesn’t mean you donate the things you want to keep! It just means you shouldn’t be donating trash. If you wouldn’t wear it because it’s too dirty or is all torn up, guess what? Nobody else wants to wear that, either. Wash clothes before you d