Are You Having a Difficult Time Fielding Customer Phone Calls in Your Busy Small Company?

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Your clients and customers have varying degrees of patience when it comes to the phone calls they make. Sometimes, in fact, the patience that a client may have for being put on hold may have nothing to do with the services you are offering but instead reflect what is been going on during the rest of their day.
At a time when political phone calls are ramping up in the last few weeks before the 2016 Presidential election, for instance, it is understandable that many clients and customers will not tolerate being put on hold. And while some companies may think that are offering their calling customers a series of very viable menu choices is a step above and beyond being put on hold, this is not always how customers and clients receive these robotic choices.
in fact, customers who have had the

No One Wants to Call a Machine

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Many people can recall a time when an answering machine seemed like the great, new big thing. What a perfect solution to getting in touch with someone, even if they happen to be out of the house and away from the phone. It was revolutionary for its time, and yet, we have already surpassed that era of technology. Plenty of people do not even own landline telephones anymore, and if you need a laugh, try asking a child to figure out how a rotary phone works. The thought of being tethered while you converse with someone seems archaic by now. And as times have changed to allow us to be connected at virtually any moment, answering machines also seem to be a thing of the past.

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About 80% of consumers trying to