Tapping Into Groundwater Means Also Keeping It Clean

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Surface water quality

It is easy to look at a map of the world, to spin a globe, and see that the world is made up of a great deal of water. It is easy to think that taking care of our water is something that we don’t need to worry about because there is so much of it all around us.

The problem is, the story of the man stranded on a desert island can come just as easily to mind. In that story, the man cries out, “Water, Water everywhere and not a drop to drink!”

He makes this cry because the water he sees all around him, the water of this ocean is great in amount but completely void of drinkable quality. We have very little water that is usable to intake for our survival when you consider how much of the planet is made up of water.

Groundwater is a source of freshwater that we are finding more and more ways to tap into.