Why You Business Needs to Use Dry Ice Blasting

Written by Business magazine. Posted in Commercial conveyor belt cleaners, Commercial steam cleaners, Industrial steam generators

Commercial steam cleaners

Dry ice blasting is the new technology and technique that is quickly replacing traditional techniques such as sand and plastic blasting in media blasting. Typically, it is a system that uses small rice size pellets of dry ice with compressed air to clean surfaces. It works like sand blasting or steam blasting to lend superior results. You can use an ice temperature of about -109.3F or -78.5C against the materials that need removal.

A Unique Replacement to Traditional Options
Using dry ice blasting is better than sandblasting because the ice does not damage the working surface. The ice sublimes quickly into the air leaving the material that needs to be cleaned up. Traditional grit media tend to wear the surface something that dry ice does not do. This ensures that the surface integrity is mainta