Three Secrets to Getting a Business Loan Fast

Written by Business magazine. Posted in How to get financing for a small business, Medical practice financing, Small business capital

Short term loans for businesses

Small businesses are so important to the success of our economy. Though most of us simply picture a two- or three-person operation run from home offices, a model that does exist in 52% of all small businesses, they aren’t to be discounted. About 65% of all new jobs created since 1965 have come from small businesses. Despite their immense impact on the nation’s markets, many are still left out in the cold by business lenders, even when they need support for basic operations. Indeed, 63% of all small business owners seeking loans cited cash flow needs as their motivation. Still, about half are left using personal credit to finance their companies.

It’s hardly a surprise that many business owners are abandoning banks and traditional lenders. In many cases, an owner needs a business loan fast