Shipping Container Recycling And Home-Building!

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The modern world runs on trade, that’s pretty much a fact. The United States especially relies on a lot of imported goods in order to have its highs standard of living. 95% of the world?s cargo moves by ship. Hundreds of ships with hundreds more steel cargo containers, all moving across the seas carrying millions of dollars worth of cargo.

The most iconic of these steel shipping containers is the 40 foot shipping containers. It appeared in films, it’s what people think of when they imagine steel cargo containers. You think of them at the docks or on a large ship, full of goods from other parts of the country or world.

But did you know there are other use

Are You Looking for an Affordable Way to Start Your Own Restaurant Business?

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Cargo container modifications

It’s all about the food!
Nebraska football games: runzas, a breaded hamburger and cabbage sandwich.
Minnesota state fair: anything and everything on a stick.
Winter time sledding and snowboarding: hot chocolate and warm chili.
School lunches: grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Father’s Day cookouts: hamburgers and brauts on the grill
Okay, the school lunches might be pushing the point, but for many people traditional events and locations are about the food. And while you might occasionally accept a substitute, imagine your disappointment if you cannot get the food you want when you want it. Fortunately, portable concession stands can often bring the food that people want to a variety of places and locations.
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