Over 40% Of Customers Will Buy A Product Because Of Eco-Friendly Packaging Changing Your Approach

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Packaging is everywhere you look. In fact, you may just have a few sitting next to you right now.

It’s how we keep products safe, communicate intent and make sure both businesses and customers are always on the same page. When your brand fails to keep up with changing trends? Your packaging may be reduced to little more than an expensive shell that works against you, rather than for you. Clamshell packaging solutions are evolving faster than ever to keep pace with the shifting needs of a new consumer base. From customizable packaging that fits a unique product to a green approach that clears up the environment, there’s a lot you could be taking advantage of this year.

It’s time to talk about patented packaging and how you can go the extra mile for a very common, and very underappreciated, aspect of business.

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Clamshell packaging solutions are fast becoming the way of the future. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover when it comes

4 Considerations to Make While Updating Packaging

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The world of retail packaging is one that can move extremely fast. Not only that, customers often make fast decisions while they are inside of a store. Slowing sales could mean that the packaging of your brand is beginning to have less appeal to potential customers. It’s understandable to wonder what strategies to keep in mind when it’s time for a packaging update. Here are four tips to keep in mind when updating product packaging.

  1. It’s Important to Stand Out

    Nearly every retail company creates packaging designed to draw attention. Everything about a package, from its box labels to font size, is evaluated by potential customers in a retail environment. It’s understandable to want you