The Importance of Properly Working Fire Alarm Systems for Your Business

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Condominium fire protection service

The importance of having a properly working fire alarm system in your business is a well known fact, however proper maintenance of your system is just as important. Fire protection engineering companies can help maintain your commercial fire protection systems. Understanding how your system works, helps you understand why proper maintenance is so important. No business plans on having a fire, but having a properly working fire protection system can be the difference between minimal damage and extensive damage.

Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial fire alarm systems are designed to be early warnings of a fire. These systems alert residents within the building that there is a possible fire. In the process of alerting building residents, they automatically alert local authorities as well. Fire alarm installation is not something that can be done on your own. Only professional fire protection engineering companies can perform this type of installation and ensure that the system provides adequate fire protection.

There are generally two initiation devices when it comes to commercial fire alarm systems. The first system is a manual initiation device. These are designed so that occupants of the building are able to activate the alarm themselves. The initiation device is usually located within an alarm box, or with a pull station, which occupants manually pull. Once this type of alarm is activated, it remains activated until the system is reset.

Automatic initiation devices act without humans operating them. Some systems automatically activate when smoke or invisible combustion products are detected within the air. Other systems are activated by intense heat, lights produced by open flames or gases.

Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems have one function in fire safety. They work to actively extinguish and control an active fire. These systems help extinguish or control a fire until fire responders can arrive to the scene. These systems can release up to 24 gallons of water a minute. Fire hoses release 80 to 125 gallons per minute, meaning sprinkler systems can reduce the amount of water damage caused to the building. These systems can extinguish smaller fires and keep them from becoming larger and more intense. They help reduce damage caused by flames and smoke. Sprinkler system heads are responsive to heat. When their heads become heated to a certain internal temperature, they automatically open. There is a variety of head types available depending on your commercial business needs.

Fires in businesses are relatively common, and properly functioning systems protects your business as well as the occupants. Fires that occur in hotels and motels are responsible for an estimated 150 injuries and 15 deaths per year. These account for approximately $76 million worth of property damage per year. Whether you own a hotel, restaurant or any other type of business, make sure your fire protection system properly installed and is functioning properly. Trust fire protection engineering companies to properly install and perform routine maintenance to your business’s fire protection system.

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