The Shocking Truth About Alternative Electricity Suppliers and the Deregulation of Electricity that Your Power Company Won’t Tell You

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Renewable energy companies

For as much as bad as a reputation as it has, capitalism is what has allowed the economy of the United States to not only survive but thrive as a free enterprise system. After all, the freedom to create an economy void of government oppression and unnecessary involvement is one the main reasons why the United States was founded, along with religious freedom.

The great thing about the economy in the United States is that it’s constantly evolving for the better, with more competition, more choices for consumers, lower prices, and more quality products and services for consumers to choose from. The energy, power, and utility industry is no different, with energy industry deregulation becoming a hot topic recently. Energy companies, such as alternative electricity suppliers and the residential and commercial customers they serve, now have the ability to offer power and energy services with less government involvement and regulation. This often leads to competitive, more affordable rates for customers and more environmentally sustaining power sources.

This wasn’t always feasible and at one point, alternative electricity suppliers didn’t even exist! Decades ago, when power grids were first being established, the government and its authorities worked closely with local and individual utility providers to create a single, standardized option for supplying power to home and business owners.

This tightly regulated system worked well at the time and was essential in creating and stabilizing the newly created power industry and its infrastructure during the early twentieth century, however many feel it’s a bit outdated now and no longer effective. Fast forward to today, and new government power and energy legislation allows alternative energy companies such as alternative electricity suppliers to enter the market and restructure or unbundle energy, however these laws also keep in place the original basics of how energy is delivered and transmitted.

Though the concept of the deregulation of electricity markets and the energy industry as a whole is actually relatively simple, the dynamics of how deregulation works and what its benefits are can be confusing. This is especially true since it’s likely that your local power or utility company won’t necessarily be eager to explain the benefits alternative electricity suppliers have to offer — for obvious reasons! As such, you may not even realize how much you could be saving on your month utility costs! You may not even know what your options are, and therefore you could be missing out on a better alternative that you don’t even now exists! Many consumers, both residential and commercial, appreciate energy deregulation and here’s why.

It’s greener, cleaner energy

Did you know that according to a recent poll conducted by the American Environmental Survey, 77% of Americans claim they have concerns about the environment either a great deal or a fair amount. Many home and business owners aren’t just looking for ways to save money on their utility costs, but they’re also desperately seeking ways to reduce their carbon and environmental footprint! The good news is that energy deregulation makes this possible and easier than ever. That’s because deregulated companies such alternative electricity suppliers work closely with renewable energy companies to find the greenest sources of power, which can then be delivered to consumers just like you!

Savings, savings, and more savings

Going green and being environmentally responsible by choosing more sustainable energy sources isn’t just about saving the earth, though that is extremely important. It’s also about saving lots of money, which means more green in your wallet and in your bank account! Since alternative energy suppliers such as alternative electricity suppliers are deregulated, they offer competitive rates which are often much lower than their traditional counterparts. Alternative energy suppliers often offer valuable promotions and loyalty programs such as rebates to save their customers even more money, something traditional power companies don’t normally do. Energy and power deregulation puts the power to save money on your monthly utility costs in your hands!

You have the power to determine how much money you can save on monthly utility costs!

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