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Why Doctors Have Little Time to Spare For Patients

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Web based medical billing software

Are doctors spending too much time on paperwork? According to CNBC, medical bills are the number one reason for Americans to declare bankruptcy — overtaking credit card bills and unpaid house mortgages. The medical coding, billing, and collection process is long, complicated, and sometimes even left unresolved. Many argue that medical coding and billing is taking up too much of doctors’ time — time that may otherwise be spent diagnosing and caring for patients. How many hours do doctors devote to paperwork, and what are some alternatives?

Doctors Lost in Piles of Paperwork

The New York Times reports, “Paperwork, or documentation, takes up as much as a third of a physician’s workday; and for many practicing doctors, these administrative tasks have become increasi

Three Secrets to Getting a Business Loan Fast

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Short term loans for businesses

Small businesses are so important to the success of our economy. Though most of us simply picture a two- or three-person operation run from home offices, a model that does exist in 52% of all small businesses, they aren’t to be discounted. About 65% of all new jobs created since 1965 have come from small businesses. Despite their immense impact on the nation’s markets, many are still left out in the cold by business lenders, even when they need support for basic operations. Indeed, 63% of all small business owners seeking loans cited cash flow needs as their motivation. Still, about half are left using personal credit to finance their companies.

It’s hardly a surprise that many business owners are abandoning banks and traditional lenders. In many cases, an owner needs a business loan fast

If You Run Your Own Business, an Answering Service May Be Beneficial

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Bilingual answering service

Are you a salesperson who does not operate from a central office location? Perhaps you run your own construction or landscaping company, but you don’t currently have a way of efficiently answering calls that come in requesting your services? Or maybe you are physician who needs a system in place for accepting emergency phone calls after regular hours are over. Maybe you want your company to be accessible to customers after business hours are over, even if they are currently in other time zones. Whatever the case may be, the solution could very well be virtual receptionist services.

This kind of setup may use telephone answering service software in combination with a live
virtual receptio

Tips to Help Businesses Recover Debts

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How to negotiate debt settlement

Debt becomes bad debt when the creditor has made all reasonable efforts to collect but has been unfortunately unable to do so. Many times, creditors will send debt collection letters or attempt business debt recovery in a multitude of different ways. However, debt recovery solutions are often required to help recoup bad debts.

Unfortunately, pretty much every business has to deal with bad debt, uncollectable debts, and non-payment by customers. Fortunately, there are companies who know how to recover bad debts, and can help by offering debt settlement advice or debt recovery solutions.

A debt from a loan, credit line or accounts receivable that is recovered either in whole or in part after it has been written off or classified as a bad debt. Interestingly, in the case of a debtor’s bankru

Renters Insurance Is an Inexpensive and Effective Solution That All Renters Should Consider

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How much life insurance do i really need

In the United States, insurance policies are a common expense for Americans — simply go online and see the hundreds of affordable online insurance quote websites exist for users to compare insurance quotes. Although affordable insurance rates are plentiful, an estimated 50 million U.S. residents have inadequate life insurance policies, and plenty of Americans don’t have insurance coverage for a number of useful purposes, such as a protecting the personal belongings for those who rent instead of owning a home . Well known statistics such as 39% of all unexpected U.S. deaths being caused by auto accidents