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Phone Answering Services For the Last Time, It’s NOT Voicemail

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The concept of “business hours” is changing. It used to be nine-to-five — now it’s pretty much whenever the Earth is orbiting the Sun. More people are getting connected and staying connected than ever before in human history, and that means that any business that wants to compete needs to be open 24/7. And with over 90% of Americans within reach of their mobile device all the time, your telephone answering service needs to be up to snuff.

“I don’t need a phone answering service. I’ve already got voicemail.”
Of course you have voicemail. Everyone has voicemail. Your great grandmother has voicemail. And you know what else? Four out of five customers will simply hang up on you if your phone system sends them to voicemail. Your customers (and y

Are You Having a Difficult Time Fielding Customer Phone Calls in Your Busy Small Company?

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Your clients and customers have varying degrees of patience when it comes to the phone calls they make. Sometimes, in fact, the patience that a client may have for being put on hold may have nothing to do with the services you are offering but instead reflect what is been going on during the rest of their day.
At a time when political phone calls are ramping up in the last few weeks before the 2016 Presidential election, for instance, it is understandable that many clients and customers will not tolerate being put on hold. And while some companies may think that are offering their calling customers a series of very viable menu choices is a step above and beyond being put on hold, this is not always how customers and clients receive these robotic choices.
in fact, customers who have had the

6 Tips for Keeping Your Construction Employees Safe on the Job

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has very specific rules and regulations in place to protect construction workers around the country. Construction companies all want to keep their employees safe and take implement policies to make sure this is the case. When using Certex lifting products, rigging hardware or whatever equipment workers need to do their job, there are some basic things you can do to keep your people safe when they are on the job.

  1. Have a plan in place for emergencies. There is a saying, “A failure to plan is a plan to fail.” You need to have a plan for what your employees will do should there be an emergency. Even the best safety equipment does not replace the need for an emergency plan. Even if they are using the best Certex lifting products,

3 Essential Things You Need to Know to Make the Most Out of Your Proposal Pricing Strategy

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Proposal pricing is no easy feat, but with the right skills and knowledge, you can create a great proposal pricing strategy that’s sure to win. However, it’s not a piece of cake to learn everything you need to know. Taking the time to learn is extremely important, no matter how you’re creating our proposal.
Whether you use proposal pricing software or have a professional assist you with your proposal creation, there are few essential things you need to know.
Your Proposal Doesn’t Win, You Do
In business, social skills and mannerisms often play a more im

Boston Medical Professionals Call for More Transparency on Pharmaceutical Packaging Labels

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Carded blister packaging is popular in the pharmaceutical industry because it offers the ability to provide information about the product, while also keeping it safely and securely packaged. Because the packaging has a wide flat surface, there is lots of room to include all the necessary info consumers need to know before taking the medication. For instance, current carded blister packaging designs include a lot number and expiration date for quality control purposes. However, too often, some of the most vital information is left out.

Pharmacists and health professionals f

The Process of Bottle Filling When it Comes to Medications

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You have had a long and stressful week at work. You arrive at home, grab the headache medicine from the medicine cabinet and quickly swallow one. A few minutes later, your headache is gone. You eat done questionable food for dinner, and your stomach is now bothering you. You head to the medicine cabinet and swallow a stomach pill, and within a few minutes, you feel back to normal. You probably do not put much thought into these medications, and yet you rely on them pretty frequently. You have probably always bought the same brands never really thought about it. You probably never considered how the medications were made or how they were packaged. This is actually, a very complex and detailed process.

The type of medications depends on the type of process that is used to fill and test the medic

Are You Looking for New Office Space?

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The business plan was simple. You would offer a writing service that would help high school seniors polish their college admissions essays.
For the first two years you helped three to four customers with this process. Simply employing the teaching techniques you and your business partner used when you were in the classroom, you assisted your clients in honing in on a topic and making the most of their word count. Sometimes aiming for short lengths like 250 words, sometimes expanding to 1000 words for a few select schools, for the most part you helped students craft 650 essays for the standard application that most students used. As time consuming as the task had been in the classroom, your process was enhanced that you were able to offer the student clients the experience of two different teachers. Wit

Secure, Clean And Environmentally Sustainable The Benefits Of Paper Shredding Services

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Document security is a hot button issue and for good reason. Even a minor security breach can see your entire business compromised, costing you hard-earned money and wasting time you’ll never get back. Thanks to on site shredding services, you can ensure that your private information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands while simultaneously doing your part to keep the environment clean. Document shredding services offer a variety of different methods of disposing of your unwanted documents and paper for an affordable price, widely considered an indispensable part of running a successful business in an increasingly globalized

The Importance of Properly Working Fire Alarm Systems for Your Business

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The importance of having a properly working fire alarm system in your business is a well known fact, however proper maintenance of your system is just as important. Fire protection engineering companies can help maintain your commercial fire protection systems. Understanding how your system works, helps you understand why proper maintenance is so important. No business plans on having a fire, but having a properly working fire protection system can be the difference between minimal damage and extensive damage.

Fire Alarm Systems

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Doing Your Part to Save the World

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Though many people may not think about it too often, so many of our actions or inactions can have some sort of impact on someone else, whether positive or negative. By becoming more conscious of these impacts, we can start to shape the world into a better place with a more promising future for everyone. There are plenty of things that we can do to become more involved on a deeper level to make the world a better place, but many people might need to start out with simple actions that can be incorporated into their everyday lives. And this is the perfect time to act if you have been wondering about when to donate clothes that you do not wear anymore.

When to donate clothes

It is very easy to develop habits that are quite similar to hoarding. Sometimes it comes down to a se