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Attract More Customers with a Cleaner Outdoors

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You have likely heard it said that cleanliness is next to godliness. Well, if your business is next to godly on the inside, what is going on outside?

Many businesses pay a great deal of attention to what the inside of their shop or storefront looks like. They might even hire a crew to come in and clean the inside on a relatively regular basis. This is great for when new and existing customers come into the store, but what about the potential customers who don’t even make it through the front door because of the dirty parking lot or the filthy street that greets them on the way in?

If you have a parking lot that is not maintained well, or sidewalks that are constantly dirty, customers will not get a very good impression about your business and they haven’t even gotten through the front door. Park

Fall Protection Equipment is Here To Help Save Lives and Ensure Safety

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80 ton shackle

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a desk job. There are a lot of people in the work force, including construction workers and window cleaners who not only have to work outside, but can work many feet off of the ground. This line of work may not be ideal, but it is necessary and most importantly, it is dangerous. Workers who are six feet or more above lower levels are at risk for serious injury or death if they should fall. To protect these workers, employers must provide fall protection and the right equipment for the job, including the right kinds of ladders, scaffolds, and safety gear. In order to keep these workers safe, the OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, makes sure that these employers use a fall protection system for their employees.

OSHA requires that Continue Reading No Comments

Finding the Right Place to Purchase Important Engineering Equipment like Load Pins

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Measurement device

If you are in the business of providing engineering services projects of different scales and scopes in the country, it is likely that you would have the need for a number of different kinds of equipments which you can use to make your services high-quality and accurate. People in the engineering services area routinely make use of a lot of equipment to achieve the kind of physician and perfection that is required in most of these projects, and some of the equipment in this case can definitely be regarded as important ingredients for success in this area. If you are looking for the right kind of tools and equipment that can help you with your projects, it is important to first take a look at your expectations and your duties, and to decide on the right tools for the job according to your requirements. Impo

Your Business Can Not Flourish Without Great Customer Service and An Awesome Online Presence

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There are a lot of people out there who want to own their own business. Anyone can have a good idea, but it takes branding to marketing to turn a great idea into a profitable one. For the people who do get their ideas of the ground, they are tasked with the duty of keeping their customers and consumers happy. Customer satisfaction can make or break a company, especially with the use of social media being able to spread good or bad publicity. As of January 2014, 74% of online adults use social media sites. Most of these adults will be your customers and they will most likely be sharing their

What are The Benefits To Outsourcing Your Print and Mail Services

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While some companies, mostly small one, manage their own flow of outgoing and incoming mail and mailers, others just do not find the time or leisure to do the same due to size, costs, and other reasons. Printing and mailing is a long process that seems like it will never end. As any company knows keeping constant communication both internally with your employees as well as externally with your customers is an important part of the of job. The high costs of infrastructure has caused many companies to either outsource or continue to lose a significant amount of revenue in the process. Below are some key reasons at to why they should outsource their print and mail services to contracting professionals who are well experienced in the function.

Dealing with the process of constant invoice printing, letter

How You Can Buff Holes And Cracks Out Of Your Driveway With Asphalt Repair Services

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Concrete driveways

Do you ever get frustrated attempting to drive down the road and avoid the countless potholes littering the surface? Do you worry about the wear and tear that’s being done to your car when you least expect it? As you can imagine, the last place you’d want this infuriating little element is in your own driveway. Driveway repairs have skyrocketed over the past few years thanks to more car owners becoming privy to all the ways their cars can be damaged over time. If you’re wondering how your asphalt driveways could benefit from a little touch-up, glance at the list below to reduce the mystery and keep your car feeling go

Your Buying Guide to Heat Exchangers

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Thermal energy storage

You’ve heard of the phrase “heat exchanger.” You may know it refers to a process governed by the Second Law of Thermodynamics. And you may even know a common usage or two. But heat exchangers are known as a central part of many different mechanical objects, including one that is immediately recognizable.

Heat exchangers are used to transfer heat between two or more fluids, between a solid surface and a fluid, or between solid particulates and a fluid, at different temperatures and in thermal contact. The most apparent example is in your HVAC system: The air coils take hot air from the outside atmosphere and cool it down.

When it comes to the design of the heat exchanger, there are at least three worth noting, and they vary depending on the nature and timing of the flow of the liquids.


The Remote Working Trend, Is Your Business Ready for It?

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Office solutions

Many businesses are moving toward a virtual type of work environment. By doing this, they can cut down on rent fees, office equipment, and commuting costs. The majority of employees actually prefer to work from home, cutting out commute costs entirely. The increase in employee satisfaction often results in an increase in work productivity and the virtual office is a win win for everyone. However, there are some parts of a traditional work office that cannot be achieved in the remote setting. Fortunately, the growing number of remote employees is forcing business professionals to solve these problems.

Inability to work on teams
Remote work environments are perfect for those that complete work tasks on their own. However, it can be difficult for industries that require some le

4 Reasons To Donate Your Old Items To Veterans

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Donations that pick up at home

Many times we sift through our old belongings when we are cleaning out our closet or cabinets, and realize that we have many items in good condition that we no longer need. If these items are in good enough shape, they can be donated to someone who needs it more than you, and they will be able to get the item for free or at a very reduced cost. Items that can be donated can be old clothing, kitchen appliances, old suitcases and handbags, and even furniture. You’d be surprised how much of an impact donating old items can have on the environment and on the lives of others.

Here are four reasons why you should consider donating your items today.

1. It helps the planet

If you care about the health and well-being of our planet, you can rest assured knowing that donating old items that

How Donating To Purple Heart Can Help Your Community And Environment This Year

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Purple heart donation pick up

What do you do to help your community? Are you the kind of person who helps neighbors go on trash runs on notoriously dirty highways? How about offering food to shelters around the holiday season? There are a million ways to help out your fellow man at any given time of the year, but one method is starting to rise as the most popular and most long-reaching. Purple Heart veterans pick up services is a wonderful way of helping those in need, clearing out your closet and cleaning up the environment all in one go. How does this work, exactly? Let’s talk about clothing donations and why they just might be the best thing you’v