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New Clamshell Packaging is Green and User Friendly

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Thermoformed clamshells

Throughout its history, clamshell packaging has been on the edge of innovation and design. In keeping with this tradition and changing consumer preferences, it is now more ecofriendly than ever before. New designs in thermoformed packaging use less plastic, and can be full recycled. The age of green packaging is here, and clamshells are leading the way.

Clamshells and innovative packaging
Since it was first introduced back in 1978, clamshell packaging has been on the cutting edge of packaging and design. Made of thermoformed plastics, the containers are tamper proof and spill resistant. Clam cases of different sizes have been used for secure packaging in a variety of industries, from grocery to pharmaceuticals.
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Four Important Fire Prevention Safety Tips for Restaurants

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Fire alarm installation service

Restaurants are at an increased risk of fire damages. The kitchen within even a small restaurant location usually has numerous hot devices running at once. Larger restaurants, ones with multiple or larger kitchens, are sometimes at an even increased risk of fire. For this reason, establishing an advanced fire protection services system within the building is more important than ever. The following fire protection services should be utilized in a commercial restaurant business.

The use of advanced cooking equipment

Updated cooking appliances have specific features that improve their safety and reduce their fire risk. They can often detect when a fire is possible and reduce the heat, or shut off the device entirely. Additionally, many today also have features that automatica

Are You Looking for Decorative Stones for Decoration of Landscaping at Your Home?

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Natural stone slabs

You have made many improvements to the inside of your home. It is now time to pay attention to the front of your house. Since you were so able to find some natural stone for sale for the fireplaces inside your home, you are hoping that you can find some natural stone slabs for the outside that will mirror some of the same colors and textures that are found on the inside. With some real attention to detail and some great planning you hope that you are also able to find some natural stone for sale that you can implement in

3 Vital Reasons to Follow Corporate Compliance Laws

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Judge thomas e. scott

Corporate compliance guidelines help to ensure that businesses follow local and national laws. You’ve likely heard of several cases where a company finds itself in big trouble by neglecting an aspect of corporate compliance. There are several benefits of ensuring that your corporation is compliant besides avoiding legal trouble. Here are three important reasons every business should follow corporate compliance laws.

  1. Steering Clear of Criminal Offenses

    There are many laws that a business must follow. It’s important to ensure your company follows all corporate compliance programs. These programs work to ensure that your company is in good standing with the l

Why Polymer Cement Overlays Are So Great in the Industrial Space

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Epoxy flooring for loading bays

If you’re a plant manager or safety coordinator, you’re interested in keeping the environment you’re in charge of safe. One of the ways you can do that is to make sure that repairs are being conducted as needed and that the space you and your employees work in is up to date. Floors are something that can easily be damaged and if you’re driving or moving heavy loads or exposing them to harsh elements, they can become uneven, making footing dangerous. Ideally, you want a floor that’s durable over the course of many years and heavy loads that you don’t have to worry about. One of the best ways to make sure that you have a reliable floor is to consider polymer cement overlays or Continue Reading No Comments

Three Reasons You Need a Portable Storage Container

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Dumpster rental

In the United States, we have a lot of things. On the average, there are 300,000 things in every American household. That is a great deal of stuff, there is no getting around it. In 2014, the federal government compiled information on how we use our homes and found that one-quarter of Americans with two-car garages don’t put their cars in; the cars will not fit in the garage because of all the things being stored.

With every passing day, there are more storage facilities being built around the country, aimed at helping families be able to use their garages again. Right now, only about 9% of households rent a storage unit for their extra