Day: January 11, 2022

  • Creating Custom Size O Rings

    Since o rings vary in many ways, depending on how they are used, custom o rings or quad rings can be very complicated to design and manufacture. For example, there are polyurethane o rings, nitrile o rings, or neoprene o rings. Before you start work on your custom o rings, there are a number of […]

  • Strike Team Takes Action During Alpine County Tamarack Fire

    This video really hits home how important it is to use a local fire watch service if your fire suppression system or alarm system is not working. It is estimated that about 2.4 billion dollars a year is spent because of commercial property fire damage. This video is a short clip of the Alpine Country […]

  • How to Get Serious About Workplace Diversity

    This TED talk addresses how to make workplace diversity a priority. Workplace diversity does not end with hr training, as a matter of fact your focus cannot end with an anti-racims course, or anti racism training courses for your staff. There is a lot more to it. There is conscious bias in the workplace and […]