Category: Freight invoice factoring

  • A Guide For Hiring An Invoice Factoring Company

    It is hard to dispute the benefits that small businesses enjoy by working with invoice factoring companies. There is the guarantee of constant cash flow courtesy of the instant cash that comes from trading unpaid invoices. So, the business gets financial stability to propel it to growth. Besides, the company gets to enjoy increased revenue. […]

  • The Benefits Of International Factoring To Exporters

    When you are exporting your goods or services to another country, one thing you have to be mindful of is payment. You need to ensure your invoices are cleared within the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, that process can drag for a long time to the extent that your company begins to enjoy unnecessary downtimes. You […]

  • Factoring Services for Load and Freight Companies

    No matter the type of business you run, there is the ability to gain the services of a factoring company. Say you have trouble getting those clients and customers to pay their invoices on time. Then the factoring companies are there to work as a sort of collection service, paying the amount that you are […]