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  • 3 Important Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask Before Renting Commercial Real Estate

    Are you thinking about renting commercial real estate? Whether you’re leasing retail space, entering into an office lease agreement, or searching for distribution warehouse space, renting commercial real estate is a major milestone for any business. Regardless of the industry or nature of your business, the decision to rent commercial real estate is one that […]

  • How Big is the Warehousing Industry?

    While it may seem oddly specific to the layperson, warehouse space is an exploding industry in today’s e-commerce marketplace. With the rise of retail mega-giants like Amazon and Walmart, determining warehouse space needs — and then finding corresponding spaces — is a great niche to be in. Within the past 20 years, or since about […]

  • Are You Looking for New Office Space?

    The business plan was simple. You would offer a writing service that would help high school seniors polish their college admissions essays. For the first two years you helped three to four customers with this process. Simply employing the teaching techniques you and your business partner used when you were in the classroom, you assisted […]