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Four Benefits Of Street Sweeping

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Maryland street sweeping

In the 1840′s, the first industrial city had developed in Manchester, England. While this was a great development in many ways, it did not create a very healthful environment for inhabitants. This advancement in technology and the resulting pollution led to the first patent for a street sweeping machine being filed by C.S. Bishop. Technology has improved upon the original, and today these giant machines are mounted on the bodies of trucks, and can not only sweep, but vacuum the debris away as well. There are a number of benefits to employing street sweepers, but here are four of the most important.

  1. Road Safety: Debris that accumulates in the gutters and the shoulders of the road presents a significant hazard to passing motorists as well as cyclists and pedestrians. A car t

Can Sales Be a Good Career?

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Sales and marketing recruitment agencies

To be great at sales you must be good at interacting with people. Selling, no matter what the product or service, is primarily a social business. To convince someone to spend money is never easy, as people typically like to only spend money when they think it is their idea. This is precisely why a sales recruiter should be careful when choosing new hires.

Is Sales a Good Career?

Going into a sales position seems to be popular in the U.S., judging by the roughly 22 million sales professionals. But they are not all rockstars at their job. About 22% are nearly untrainable, another 40% are likely to miss their quota, and only 10% will show a good return on investment (ROI), as indicated by their numbers. Those are stark numbers for prospective hires. Continue Reading No Comments