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What Makes a Shipping Container Great? Here’s Why

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At this very moment, there are about 20 million shipping container crossing the world on the backs of huge, sea-seasoned cargo ships, whose engines are 1,000 more powerful than a family car. They hold everything from hairbrushes to medical machinery, and chances are that most of the products you used today spent some time in one of these containers.

The uniform, modular units don’t seem particularly extraordinary — that is, until you consider the possibilities offered by their solid structure and large size. Here are three ways to improve a shipping container and customize it to be a micro-home, a mobile office container, or even a storage area. You’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t buy used shipping containers before.

  • Cut out windows and doors. As soon as you get s

Help Your Bottom Line by Keeping Your Staff Happy with These Tips

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Outplacement companies

Employee retention is a big problem for most companies in the United States. Nearly 57% report this is a big issue that impacts their bottom line. Bad hiring decisions cost companies a lot each year. According to the Department of Labor, the decision to hire the wrong person can cost a business about 30% of that individual’s salary for that first year. Others estimate that employee turnover costs businesses anywhere between 30 and 150% of that employee’s salary for that same time frame. It is no wonder that many firms and businesses opt to use an outplacement company or executive search consultants to handle their hiring.

One way to save money on human resources is to make sure your current employees are happy. Lower staff turnover equals a more robust bottom line. Here are some expert tips

The Next Big Thing in the Food Packaging Industry 6 Great Benefits to Flat Bottom Pouches

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We all want to find ways to keep our food nice and fresh. I have always had a problem with lettuce getting slimy and limp within days of purchasing it. However, I recently just discovered how to avoid that all together! I do like to pre cut all my vegetables to make salad preparing easier. If I simply tear it in to the bite size pieces and seal it in a Tupperware, it stays fresh and crunchy for more than week! It was the best hack I found all week because fresh and uncontaminated food is always a priority. Sealing things really does help keep out unwanted elements. Sealed plastic pouches and wraps not only keep food fresh but keep out contamination. One of the great things about using plastic for food s

Why Online Stores Are So Important for Small Businesses

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Card not present detection

Secure payment processing systems are very important for businesses today, and most businesses are aware that payment processing security needs to be a top concern. However, small businesses in particular may view payment processing systems as something that is convenient and helpful, but not necessarily essential.

The jump into online sales, then, is often a fairly big one. Small businesses are more likely to operate only in-store and to avoid investing in expensive payment processing systems that would allow them to open online stores and sell items to customers through the web.

Here’s the problem, though: more consumers are shopping online than ever befo

Facts About Drain Repair and Maintenance

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Sewer lateral rehabilitation cincinnati

Drain repair is an important issue that is often overlooked. Homeowners spend a lot of time keeping up with maintenance inside the house and landscaping duties above the ground, but damage inside the trenches can lead to many problems for your property and your wallet. That’s why proper maintenance is so essential. Hopefully this will give you enough information to make an informed decision on when to get a professional pipe inspection.

Causes of Pipe Damage:

  • Old Pipes — Sewer lines will get damaged over time. Angie Hicks of Angie’s List advises that if your home is more than 40 years old, you should have your sewer li

Is Your Company’s Fire Evacuation Plan The Best It Can Be?

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When was the last time you evaluated your business’s fire safety plan? If it was more than a year ago you may need to be thinking about putting that on your agenda. Having a working fire alarm, evacuation plan, and sprinkler system will make sure that your employees and the property within your business are safe if a fire was to occur. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are taking a look at the fire safety plan at your company:

1. Fire Alarm Systems – Having a fire alarm system that you can trust is of the utmost importance, especially to business owners. In most situations, if fire detec

4 Tips on Dependable Lending for Small Businesses

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Small businesses are an extremely important part of the U.S. job market. There are about 28 million small businesses that account for nearly 55% of all U.S. sales. Small businesses don’t have those huge bank accounts to fall back on like big businesses do, so it makes sense that, aside from a lack of experience, insufficient capitol is the main reason small businesses fail, according to the SBA. That is why loans are very important.

Small business lending is not something to be taken lightly. If you have a promising company and you need a small business loan, then you might not want to wait around with loans from big banks. It would be wise to pay a little more interest on un

Some of the Best Back-to-School Deals Are Right Under Your Nose — If You’re on the Computer!

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Shopping for school and office supplies is usually something that people find to be easiest during certain times of the year. Right before elementary, middle, and high school starts up in the fall, or before the start of college semesters — these are prime examples of times when stationery and other office supplies are typically on sale, and very well stocked. If you’ve ever bounced around from store to store shopping for supplies for yourself or others during these times of year, you’ve probably noticed all the sales and the last-minute rush parents and others are in to take advantage of them.

Shopping for these products online has also become more popular in recent years. In fact, a recent study showed that of all those surveyed, about a third of back-to-school families and about 45% of college

How Does Your Company Handle Ecommerce Fulfillment?

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Logistics management services

Why do you buy an item online instead of visiting a store? It could be that you work long hours and cannot make it into a store; it could be that they do not stock the specific item you need. Or maybe, you just like to shop around for the best possible price, which usually translates to low or free shipping. Over 80% of people have made an online purchase at least once; it is perhaps surprising the number is not higher. Online shopping can be an incredibly convenient and frugal option for customers, but for retailers the situation is a little more complicated. The ecommerce order fulfillment process can only be successful when the logistics management services are running smoothly.

Logistics management services, in short, keep track of operations. The movement of inventory, especially for bus

What are the Best Sympathy Gifts to Give?

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Ash pendant

When someone close to you passes away, you need to make sure to keep them close to your heart. This can be done through various efforts. Mourning jewelry is a great way to have something stylish, but also to keep the person you love close to your heart. With the best sympathy gifts, you can not only have something for yourself, but also be able to give something to everyone else that is close to the person. This can put you in a better position to keep the person close to you, but also not have to explain why you’re wearing such a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Cremation Ash Jewelry is Beautiful

Cremation ash jewelry is somewhat new to the market. Consider that the industry standard size f