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Three Considerations to Make When in the Business of Legally Growing Cannabis

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Companies that are in the business of growing cannabis have many considerations to make. Marijuana cultivation laws vary based on the state. Because of this, business owners must take care that they are in compliance with the law of their individual state. Although the plant has become legal for medical use recently (last fall 23 states have made it legal to use cannabis for medical purposes), business owners must take care when growing the plant in their nursery. This is an industry that promises a lot of growth. It was estimated that in 2015, the need and desire for medical marijuana would go up by 32%. With that in mind, it benefits cannabis consultants to review best practice

Almost Half of All Homeless Are Families, But California Is Working on Lasting Solutions

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Although it can be difficult to obtain precise figures about America’s homeless population, rough estimates put the number at more than 2 million. Every day, homeless families and homeless veterans wonder where they will sleep at night: one state is taking action to house its homeless population. Orange County, California city officials are starting to build homes for the homeless, and they are making use of an unexpected building material: steel shipping containers.

City officials say that they are not housing people in a metal box: used and new shipping containers for sale are climate controlled and insulated against the California he