Three Considerations to Make When in the Business of Legally Growing Cannabis

There is a lot of money to be made in delivery these days. From the food delivery apps that many of us rely on to the fact that marijuana delivery is now a very popular business where it is legal.

You might wonder to yourself “does smoking weed when your sick help?” and then fire off an order for some cannabis to be delivered to your home to see if it works out for you. You might also find yourself researching the effects marijuana has on the body and the effects of skunk on mental health just to cover your bases and make sure that you fully and completely understand what you are getting into and what kind of impact it is likely to have on you and your health. Considering this, you might also want to take a quick dive into cannabis properties to ensure that whatever you decide to order only has elements contained within that are healthy and helpful for you.

There is nothing wrong with ordering some cannabis for health reasons in the jurisdictions where it is legal to do so. Think of it as ordering some medicine for yourself to try to improve your overall health and well-being. That is in essence what you are doing when you do this.

Marijuana consulting services

Companies that are in the business of growing cannabis have many considerations to make. Marijuana cultivation laws vary based on the state. Because of this, business owners must take care that they are in compliance with the law of their individual state. Although the plant has become legal for medical use recently (last fall 23 states have made it legal to use cannabis for medical purposes), business owners must take care when growing the plant in their nursery. This is an industry that promises a lot of growth. It was estimated that in 2015, the need and desire for medical marijuana would go up by 32%. With that in mind, it benefits cannabis consultants to review best practices for taking care of their crops. Here are three things to take into account when maintaining indoor cannabis cultivation.

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation is Safer for People and Animals

It is crucial to remember that when practicing indoor marijuana cultivation, the plants cannot be in reach of animals. Many people tend to think of keeping dogs and cats away, since the plants can have a detrimental effect on them. However, there are many wild animals that can cause destruction to crops. Deer can take over and ruin cannabis crops that are grown outdoors. They love to eat the seeds and leaves, and a whole herd of deer can take down a crop rather quickly. There are ways to encourage them to avoid the area, such as using the urine of predators (dog urine is common). However, many marijuana consultants would like to keep their plants as clean as possible. By growing indoors, it is much easier to take care of the plants, without worrying about them being properly maintained or eaten. Bugs can also be an issue that one would not face with indoor cultivation. By growing indoors, managing bugs is simpler since the environment is highly controlled. Outdoors, any number of bugs can find and flock to the plant. They can eat it, live in it, or damage it beyond use. Indoors, it is much easier to stop the problem and even prevent it before it starts.

Growing Marijuana Plants Indoors Deters Theft

Although many growers might find outdoor marijuana cultivation cheaper, quicker and just easier overall, it is not without risks and problems. Theft is a major problem with outdoor growing. Theft could range from young people finding and using the plants to other business competitors stealing or even damaging the plants to cut down on competition. Stealing or damaging the plants is as simple as going to the farm in the middle of the night. Even if the business owner decides to invest in other ways of keeping thieves out, such as guard dogs or an alarm system, this is another added expense that is not encountered when choosing indoor marijuana cultivation.

Cultivating Marijuana Plants Indoors Means More Control and Less Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as rain, tornadoes, too much heat or sun, and even frost can damage young and baby plants. Too much rain can ruin and wash out a crop. Summers with a lot of sun and heat that can cause a drought will kill plants and even make it very difficult to provide the amount of care and encouragement they need in order to grow. Sometimes natural disasters such as tornadoes and other acts of God can occur, wiping out large fields of the crop. When this occurs, growers can lose a great deal of money and be unable to make up their revenue for the year. Rather than leaving their plants in the hands of nature, they can instead choose to practice indoor marijuana cultivation for safer results.

Since more individuals are supporting marijuana legalization (the number is now 58%, which is an increased percentage since 2010), growers should consider the many benefits they would have from using an indoor nursery. By doing so and using indoor marijuana cultivation, they can grow and even improve their plants without worrying about backlash from the general public, who are now more in favor of growth and taxation of marijuana than ever before.

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