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Reducing Risk in the Construction Industry

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Lifting slings

Some employment industries are more risky than others. Although these certain fields can be more dangerous, the work still needs to get done. The construction industry is one of these fields. Construction workers are tasked with creating brand new structures, as well as remodeling and renovating poorly built and dangerous structures. They may be required to work on shaky sub floors or many stories high. With a field that is so high in danger, it is necessary to have some safety precautions set. This helps a business reduce liability and the amount of accidents and injuries it?s employees sustain.

Fall protection system A carefully laid out fall protection system is needed in any type of job that requires the em

Digital Marketing Continues to Drive Customers

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Social media marketing agency nyc

Companies around the country are looking at their software design yet again today. As Yahoo announced yesterday morning that 1 billion users were hacked, the message is clear. Companies that process customer payments and collect personal information have to be on constant guard to make sure that their software design keeps their greatest assets, the customers, safe and protected.
During the same broadcast that National Public Radio was providing details about the Yahoo security breach they also reported on their onsite Trump Tracker. This digital report indicates that it has been more than 120 days since the Trump has held a press conference, and during that same time the President-elect has posted more than 1,200 Tweets. And while no one is claiming to be able to predict Trump’s future m