Digital Marketing Continues to Drive Customers

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Not all marketing today is digital. People still look at print ads, for instance, as well as the commercials that they watch on television. Some of those ads might manage to stand out the most, in fact, because there aren’t as many of them. However, even the companies that advertise on television and use print ads will usually also use local SEO and similar types of digital website marketing. They may have recently hired a certified digital marketing specialist themselves as well.
Many digital marketing advertising companies are aware of the fact that their techniques will have to keep changing. People will block some ads. They’ll also pay attention to certain social media posts and content pieces while they ignore others. When digital marketing own business ventures, people sometimes have a different idea of what their digital marketing plans should look like. It’s sometimes easier for the digital marketing specialists who are not involved with a particular business to make somewhat more objective decisions related to the marketing.

People will need to plan ahead when it comes to their digital marketing work, but they’ll also need to react to changes in the field. They can update their plans based on how customers respond to them.

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Companies around the country are looking at their software design yet again today. As Yahoo announced yesterday morning that 1 billion users were hacked, the message is clear. Companies that process customer payments and collect personal information have to be on constant guard to make sure that their software design keeps their greatest assets, the customers, safe and protected.
During the same broadcast that National Public Radio was providing details about the Yahoo security breach they also reported on their onsite Trump Tracker. This digital report indicates that it has been more than 120 days since the Trump has held a press conference, and during that same time the President-elect has posted more than 1,200 Tweets. And while no one is claiming to be able to predict Trump’s future media and public relations habits, these numbers are an indicator of how the digital world continues to transform every part of our lives. For good and for bad, the website and software designs will continue to determine the success and failure of many businesses and agencies.

Is Your Company’s Brand Management Campaign Working the Way You Want It To?
The digital implications of both website and software design attract and keep customers. From the marketing and branding campaign that helps customers immediately recognize your company name and its products to the social media marketing needed to maintain that recognition and encourage loyalty, website and software design matter. When, for instance, a customer visits your website it is essential that the site immediately load and that the format is easy to navigate. Today’s digital customers and clients are neither patient nor tolerant. Forcing customers to wait even a few seconds for content to load can cost companies clients. The latest research indicates, in fact, as many as 40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load. When it comes to powerful content, marketers say that a website needs to tell customers what a business does in three seconds or less. Longer than that and the customers will simply move on to another site.
With the ability to have several tabs open at once, in fact, many users will open two or three sites and simply bounce back and forth between these until they find something that meets their needs or captures their attention.

Constant Contact Can Keep Your Customers Interested in Your Company and Its Products and Services
It likely comes as no surprise that content creation and management now claim the second largest share of digital marketing budgets. From online contests that reward followers for sharing and liking to daily releases of wildly popular products, aggressive content creation can build a loyal following for your website and its products and services. One increasingly popular sock company, for instance has gotten to the point of posting behind the scenes production and design work, while at the same time showing photos of products days before they are actually released.
Once a customer misses out on a creative design that they really wanted, this suddenly possessed sock purchasers may find themselves checking the company posts several times an hour so they are not left out again. This habit of frequently checking a company’s social media sites can be contagious. And as more visitors follow a site, the competition for products increases. Once a site reaches this self perpetuating state, they know that they have found success.
What is your company doing to grow its customer base? Are you making at least daily posts that feature new products or creative uses for older products? Are you creating a post that counts down to large events that you hope will be a major annual tradition? Are you making sure that your software design platform immediately makes the transition from larger laptop and desktop screens to smaller tablet and cell phone screens.
We live in a time when most companies know that they need to have a digital media budget. Unfortunately, as many as 50% of these companies do not have a real plan for that budget. Working with a marketing and research provider, your company can create a plan that has both a purpose and an intent. Make time to update your website, a comapany’s greatest asset.

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