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The 5 Benefits to Putting in a Scrolling Marquee Sign

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If you are looking into outdoor LED business signs, you know that you have a lot of options. When asked, at least 71% of consumers said that they do pay attention to signs they see while driving, this includes both traditional and digital billboards. At least 37% of consumers report looking at all of the signs they see when they are out and about. Lest you think that these are only important for one type or size of business, it is worth noting that at least 17% of people who wander into Best Buy stores say they do so because of the iconic sign they see outside of the store. If you are going to put in Continue Reading No Comments

5 Tips to Designing Electronic Signs for Business that Grow Your Brand

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How often do you look at billboards when you are driving down the road? Most drivers and passengers do pay attention to the billboards they pass. At least 71% of them say they read the signs they pass. Another 38% of consumers report only finding some businesses because they saw the sign. That number includes people who shop at large retail stores like Best Buy. At least 17% of the people who walk into Best Buy locations around the country say they were prompted by the iconic signs they all have. In terms of advertising dollars, on site electronic signs for businesses have the same value as 24 full pages advertisements taken out in newspapers. It is important to your our outdoor business LED sig