The 5 Benefits to Putting in a Scrolling Marquee Sign

Outdoor led business signs

If you are looking into outdoor LED business signs, you know that you have a lot of options. When asked, at least 71% of consumers said that they do pay attention to signs they see while driving, this includes both traditional and digital billboards. At least 37% of consumers report looking at all of the signs they see when they are out and about. Lest you think that these are only important for one type or size of business, it is worth noting that at least 17% of people who wander into Best Buy stores say they do so because of the iconic sign they see outside of the store. If you are going to put in electronic signs for business, you may want to consider scrolling marquee signs. They ca do a lot to raise brain awareness and get customers and clients in your door.

  1. Scrolling marquee signs help people find your business. If you manage or own a local business, you probably know that most of your business comes from people who live in the area. It has been estimated that most businesses that have people walk in to shop or dine, gets about 85% of its business from people who live within about five miles of the business’s location. When you consider the fact that 35% of consumers say the only reason they found a business was the onsite sign at the business itself, you can see the value in having a sign such as an outdoor LED display.
  2. Scrolling marquee signs can be personalized for your business and your message. LED signs are completely changeable and can be personalized to have the exact message and graphics that will help promote your business and your brand. As things at your company change or as you change the promotions or specials you are running, you can change your scrolling marquee sign. It is very easy to switch up your sign as you need to.
  3. Your sign can be different for different parts of the day. Say you manage a restaurant. In the morning, your sign can have a message for coffee and breakfast. As you set up for lunch, you can change the sign to display a new message for your lunch crowd, a new message for people coming for happy hour and then something for dinner time customers. Some businesses use their LED signs to display important traffic or weather alerts. The more useful your sign is, just like your website, the more people will look at it and the more people will talk about it. If you are trying to raise awareness of your brand, the best thing you can hope for is people talking about you and your business and brand.
  4. LED signs for business will raise awareness of your brand. It has been said that in terms of the advertising value of a sign outside of a business, it has the equivalent value to 24 full page newspaper advertisements. When asked, at least 32% of all consumers reported visiting a retailer within a week of looking at a billboard for that business. As people walk and drive by your LED sign, they will look at it. New research suggests that when people see a scrolling LED sign, they are more likely to make an impulse purchase than when there is none present. When people see your sign more than once, they often retain more of your message so the brand awareness you are building is not fleeting but will last a decent amount of time.
  5. LED business signs make your business much more competitive. In today’s fast paced economy, to gain more customers and grow your brand, you need to find ways to be different from your competition. Scrolling LED signs are not as prevalent as some other kinds of signs. As a consequence of this, your business will really stand out when you have added one to your storefront or business site.

Scrolling marquee signs can do a lot for the success of your business. From raising brand awareness to letting people know where you are, your profit margin will go up and your bottom line will improve with one of these signs.

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