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How a Fire Sprinkler System Can Save Your Business

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When it comes to the safety of your business, few things can be as devastating as a fire. If allowed to burn out of control or for a long period of time, it can result in the complete destruction of your livelihood. Investing in a commercial fire sprinkler system can save your business, your finances and perhaps even your life.

  1. The Cost to Install:In the long run, the cost to install a fire sprinkler system can be well worth it. They are generally easy to install and affordable, and have the added benefit of providing a safer environment for all involved, giving you a substantial return on investment.
  2. The Benefit of Premiums:With saving money in mind, having a commercial fire sprinkler system can really lower your insurance premi

Four Reasons Your Indoor Roses Won’t Bloom

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They say that diamonds are a girls best friend. We beg to differ. We think roses are actually the way to a girl’s heart. Even if she’s just sort of meh about you, give her some potted parade roses, and you’ll go from six to ten out of ten in her book.

Potted roses are the gift that keep giving; if you treat them right, they’ll give you abundant blooms for months and months! And unlike many other household plants, roses aren’t hard to maintain.

We know what you’re thinking. But you have a potted miniature rose that hasn’t bloomed in months. You might think it’s beyond repair, but don’t lose faith, it’s not! Pay attention to our little list reasons your rose bushes aren’t blooming.

Four Reasons Your Indoor Roses Won’t Bloom

  1. You’ve been too conservative wi