How a Fire Sprinkler System Can Save Your Business

Businesses need to make sure that the fire suppression system is still functioning as effectively as it can once the fire sprinkler assembly process has been completed. The fire protection system installation might cost around $6,000 if the system is being put into place in a room measuring 4,500 square feet.

When considering these costs, businesses should also consider the average expenses connected with fire damage. One fire in a warehouse could cost $128,000 once the damaged property has been restored. Fires in other businesses might not cause quite as much expensive damage, but it’s still common for businesses to pay at least $8,000 on repairs once they’ve had even a small fire. Maintaining the fire suppression and safety systems won’t be particularly costly once these systems have been established, especially if the fire sprinkler heads are cleaned and the system is safely tested regularly.

Even when the fire sprinkler heads are no longer usable, the total fire sprinkler head replacement cost could be under $30. For that price, business owners might be able to afford several new fire sprinkler heads, which can then be installed fairly quickly by fire safety professionals. Make the right decision in securing your business against fire.

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When it comes to the safety of your business, few things can be as devastating as a fire. If allowed to burn out of control or for a long period of time, it can result in the complete destruction of your livelihood. Investing in a commercial fire sprinkler system can save your business, your finances and perhaps even your life.

    1. The Cost to Install:In the long run, the cost to install a fire sprinkler system can be well worth it. They are generally easy to install and affordable, and have the added benefit of providing a safer environment for all involved, giving you a substantial return on investment.
    2. The Benefit of Premiums:With saving money in mind, having a commercial fire sprinkler system can really lower your insurance premiums down the road. This also comes in handy to save your business from fire damage costs, should a fire break out, saving you even more money.
    3. The Ease of Maintenance: After your commercial fire sprinkler systems have been installed, they actually require very minimal maintenance. With the exception of a standard yearly inspection, most fire sprinkler systems can last for upwards of 20 years without needing to be repaired or upgraded.
    4. The Risk of Damage

A lot of people can become concerned with the amount of damage a commercial fire sprinkler system can cost their business. However, when compared to both the risk of the fire spreading farther without in a building one and the damage that may be caused by the fire department’s powerful hoses, the damage is very minimal.

  • The Safety of Lives:At the end of the day, a commercial fire sprinkler system is the safest option when it comes to businesses. It’s quick containment of the blaze allows any and all workers plenty of time to evacuate the building and drastically lowers the risk of any of them becoming injured or dying.


It’s rather easy to overlook the benefits of a commercial fire sprinkler system, in favor of other methods to contain a damaging blaze. But the facts do not lie and when combined with early detection systems, fire sprinklers can the chance of injuries, deaths and property damage by up to 50%

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