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Three Reasons not to Discount Direct Mail Campaigns

Written by Business magazine. Posted in Digital color, Direct mail campaign

In the current age of digital inbound marketing, it’s tempting for companies to dispense with traditional forms of marketing altogether. No one watches TV or listens to the radio, so why pay exorbitant fees for air time? However, there are a few old-school forms of outreach that are still surprisingly effective. In particular, traditional signage and direct mailers. Experts agree that an online marketing campaign should be coupled with a simple post card mailing service to keep in touch with customers. Not convinced? Here are three reasons that direct mail is more effective than you may think.

Yes, People Still Read It

On average, direct mailers receive almost 40 times more response than email campaigns. In fact, over half of all consumers say that they prefer to receive direct mail, and four out of five consumers say that they open their direct mail immediately. This is always more successful if customers feel