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Increase Sales and Enhance the Customer Experience With Effective Store Signs

Written by Business magazine. Posted in Banner displays, Mounted brochure holders, Retail display fixtures

There are thousands of SKUs launched every year. In 2014, for example, data indicated that 30,000 were launched on an annual basis. While many consumers may not be aware of this, they are exposed on a daily basis to an average of 3,000 ads and other types of of promotional messages. Given this, it may not be surprising to learn that 82% of shoppers will make their final purchase decisions when they’re actually in the store. When being faced with all of these product choices, many shoppers tend to engage in unplanned purchases, or impulse buys.

Even though savvy shoppers will conduct product research on their smartphones, 77% of these individuals will visit a store to purchase the items that they want or need. While in the store, however, a 2014 Mass Merchant Study found that due to noticing a specific display, consumers would make unplanned purchases. In fact, this amounted to 16% of the unplanned purchases according to the study’s results.

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