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4 Ways to Prevent Fires in Warehouses

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It’s imperative that managers avoid the dangers associated with warehouse fires. Fortunately, statistics show that fires in warehouses have dropped significantly over the past 30 years. There were an estimated 4,700 warehouse fires occurring in 1980. However, this total dropped to 1,200 in 2011. While this is great news, fires are still occurring in warehouses. In order to avoid this situation, it’s important to know a few safety tips. Considering that, here four ways to prevent fires from occurring in your company’s warehouses.

  • Implement Strict Smoking Rules

    Regardless of the negative side effects, many people smoke cigarettes daily. This creates a difficult situation for warehouse owners. The ember from a burning cigarette can cause massive fires, especially near warehouses full of products and equipment. However, there’s nothing wrong with giving workers an area for smoking cigarettes. However, you’ll want to ensure that you’re following proper saf