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Condensing Perfection In One Fast Package The Speed And Durability Of The Shipping Container Cafe

Written by Business magazine. Posted in Pop up container bar, Trade show shipping containers

So many things today are on-the-go. We shop on-the-go, talk on-the-go…even eating can take a backseat to driving somewhere else!

When it comes to construction, a building or booth that’s done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality is a match made in heaven. Pop up containers have emerged to satiate our needs and in fine form, manifesting as the portable shipping container studio and the trendy fast casual restaurant. Crafted from shipping booth containers and designed to last, your business will only stand to benefit from this perfect little package. In fact, let’s get this over with and summarize all their qualities in a bite-sized list.

It’s time to go, go, go! Here are five fun facts about pop up containers and why they’re becoming the next fast thing.

Shipping Containers Are Everywhere

Throw a rock…you’ll probably hit some pop up containers! There are at least 17 million shipping containers in the w