Condensing Perfection In One Fast Package The Speed And Durability Of The Shipping Container Cafe

So many things today are on-the-go. We shop on-the-go, talk on-the-go…even eating can take a backseat to driving somewhere else!

When it comes to construction, a building or booth that’s done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality is a match made in heaven. Pop up containers have emerged to satiate our needs and in fine form, manifesting as the portable shipping container studio and the trendy fast casual restaurant. Crafted from shipping booth containers and designed to last, your business will only stand to benefit from this perfect little package. In fact, let’s get this over with and summarize all their qualities in a bite-sized list.

It’s time to go, go, go! Here are five fun facts about pop up containers and why they’re becoming the next fast thing.

Shipping Containers Are Everywhere

Throw a rock…you’ll probably hit some pop up containers! There are at least 17 million shipping containers in the world, with just six million of them being in active use. Some experts have estimated 11 million unused shipping containers could be put to some serious good being recycled, repurposed, and transformed into everyday resources. In fact, if every shipping container in the world was lined up end-to-end? They would circle the planet twice.

Cafes And Restaurants Are Leading The Way

Where did the trend of shipping container modifications start, anyway? You can look to fast food and cafes for that. Back in 2015 Taco Bell debuted a 1,080 square ‘pop-up store’ made out of a shipping crate, later opening a permanent shipping container store series throughout California once 2017 was underway. Let’s go back a little earlier to 2011, where Starbucks opened up a 450 square foot shipping container store in Washington and started turning heads with how much they got out of a deceptively small package.

Office Spaces And Trade Shows Benefit, Too

It’s not just a fast food joint that’ll do good with the portable durability of shipping containers. The studio office can be easily pushed into a compact space. Businesses today are looking for more convenient ways of providing their on-the-go employees with the resources they need to get the job done, up to and including a room outfitted with all the basics. Most shipping containers hit a bare minimum of eight feet wide, nine and a half feet tall and between 20 and 40 feet long. That’s more than enough room to get done what needs to be done!

The Modified Shipping Container Is Extremely Tough

Another reason pop up containers are so popular is because of just how darn tough shipping containers are. The shipping crate restaurant can hold up to the elements and constant moving around, while trade show shipping containers never have to worry about dents interfering with business. Durable, steel shipping containers regularly hit a lifespan of 25 years and require minimal maintenance. With the occasional patch-up job and a little cleaning you can enjoy your modified shipping container for decades.

Your Business Will Benefit From The Fast And The Furious

The world is moving faster by the minute. With the customized shipping container you can keep up easily…and enjoy a little ROI in the process! Also known as ‘design 4.0’, the shipping container store takes anywhere from five to 12 weeks off a store’s opening timeline. They’re also incredibly eco-friendly, as each recycled shipping container reuses around 3,500 kilograms of steel. You communicate to your customers your environmental friendliness, you communicate to employees your fast thinking…everyone wins at the end of the day.

Got all that? Consider investing in booth shipping containers this year and speed down the road to success!


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