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What Is Best For You LTL Or FTL?

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What is the big deal between Less Than Truckload and Full Truck Load? What is the difference? First off, it is best to define the two.

Less Than Truckload, or alternatively known as LTL, is when only a portion of the freight is bought for shipping. The rest of the trailer is then filled with other products from other companies. Are you shipping something that only needs a quarter of the trailer? Then, generally speaking, you would pay for only the fourth of the trailer.

Full Truck Load, or alternatively known as FTL or truckload freight, is when an entire trailer is bought and used for just your product alone. Rather than break a shipment up into several different trailers, your product can be ship in a single one if it fits.

Less Than Truckload is great if you are just shipping small quantities of a product. This can certainly be an alluring option for smaller businesses that might take a hit, rather than a gain, if they opted for a truckload freight. Having to pay for

The Glue Holding It All Together Improving Your Knowledge Of Machining Tools In 2019

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What’s the function of a machine tool in the bigger picture?

That’s like asking why you should use a nail instead of glue. Just because you can get the job done with lesser tools doesn’t mean you should. Machine tools are responsible for much of the quality you enjoy and love today, even if you don’t know it. From the silverware you use to the maintenance you perform on your car, machine tools regularly come in and out of the picture. For those that want to step up their game this year, catching up on your terminology is the most important step.

What do you use a burnishing tool for? How long have machine tools been around? How can you improve your short lead times? Take a crash course below so you, too, can enjoy all the benefits of machine tools.

The History Of Machine Tools

Who should you thank for bringing these tools to the mainstream? Just look back to ancient civilizations. The oldest known evidence of the lathe