The Glue Holding It All Together Improving Your Knowledge Of Machining Tools In 2019

What’s the function of a machine tool in the bigger picture?

That’s like asking why you should use a nail instead of glue. Just because you can get the job done with lesser tools doesn’t mean you should. Machine tools are responsible for much of the quality you enjoy and love today, even if you don’t know it. From the silverware you use to the maintenance you perform on your car, machine tools regularly come in and out of the picture. For those that want to step up their game this year, catching up on your terminology is the most important step.

What do you use a burnishing tool for? How long have machine tools been around? How can you improve your short lead times? Take a crash course below so you, too, can enjoy all the benefits of machine tools.

The History Of Machine Tools

Who should you thank for bringing these tools to the mainstream? Just look back to ancient civilizations. The oldest known evidence of the lathe was found all the way in Ancient Egypt, alongside various other machining techniques used to sand, carve, and polish. Flash forward thousands of years later and you can find just about any machine tool of choice online or in-person at a specialty shop. Choosing the best single-point tools means figuring out what you want to get out of the end product.

Today’s Machining Industries

The United States is one of the top suppliers in the world. It only got that way by committing to a quality approach. It’s estimated manufacturers alone contribute over $2 trillion to the American economy — in fact, for every $1 spent in manufacturing another $1.50 is added. The most recent data found 255,000 firms are in the manufacturing sector, with all but 3,600 firms considered to be small (with less than 500 employees). Perhaps you’re wondering about new advents in PCD tools. Maybe you’re a hobbyist that’s starting to expand your skill.

Function Of Burnishing Tools

Whatever you find yourself doing, just make sure you do it right. Burnishing is a term used to denote a fine, smooth surface finish as created by rollers over a surface. Next time you run your fingers along a metal plate or a steel bar, you know which technique to thank. Burnishing is also useful for improving the durability of a piece, as just a few burnishing sessions are able to increase surface hardness by 50%. Diamond films are able to last 10 to 20 times the life of carbide in graphite.

Function Of Metalworking Lubricants

You won’t get much out of your short lead times without good lubricants on the case. Metalworking lubricants, coolants, and fluids play a vital role in machining. You’ll generally find the substantial flow of fluids used in the metal removal process, between four and 20 liters per minute. Today there are over 12 million manufacturing workers in the United States, accounting for just over 8% of the workforce. If you want to get the hang of short lead times and improve your feed rates, you need to take a look at your technique.

Figuring Out The Best Tools For The Job

While it’s helpful to study what other people are doing, it’s prudent to remember you’re not trying to copy them entirely. A hobbyist is going to need a different tool set than a student. The student is going to need a different tool set than the full-time worker. Machine operations are classified into three principle processes — you have turning, drilling, and milling, all required at some point in the process. With lubricants and burnishing tools on your side, there’s little you can’t achieve.

Improve your short lead times. Double-check your tools for quality this year and watch everything fall into place.


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