Credit Card Safety Tips for Online Shoppers

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High risk merchant account

In 2012, 66.1% of people who were interviewed in China on the use of online payment services stated that they use multiple passwords or complicated passwords. Today, the threat to online payment services is real, and fraud is hitting new heights with each passing year. As a user, you can take several measures to protect yourself against identity theft and credit card fraud

1. Avoid Public Places

Public networks and computers are less secure so the risk for theft is undeniably high. Some of these computers feature a keylogger software that saves all the keystrokes such as your login details and credit card number. You are not safe

Understand the Benefits of Using a Gateway Service

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It’s really no secret that online shopping has grown significantly over recent years. According to recent studies, the average online order for a shopper in the United States is $78. An online shopper will visit an average of three sites before making a purchase, and the majority of consumers already know what online stores they will buy from.

Globally, e-commerce sites generate over $900,000 every 30 seconds through desktops and over $200,000 through mobile devices. Cyber Monday has had a 17% increase in sales year after year. E-commerce is already huge and it continues to grow.

The downside to this grows this growth is the dramatic increase in payment card fraud and the financial loss suffered by the card holders. This is why gateway services, Continue Reading No Comments