Credit Card Safety Tips for Online Shoppers

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In 2012, 66.1% of people who were interviewed in China on the use of online payment services stated that they use multiple passwords or complicated passwords. Today, the threat to online payment services is real, and fraud is hitting new heights with each passing year. As a user, you can take several measures to protect yourself against identity theft and credit card fraud

1. Avoid Public Places

Public networks and computers are less secure so the risk for theft is undeniably high. Some of these computers feature a keylogger software that saves all the keystrokes such as your login details and credit card number. You are not safe even when you are using your own computer on a public wifi. Hackers are clever and smart and they can intercept your information on the network.

2. Keep Your Computer Safe

The most important thing is to have an anti-virus program that is running active all the time. Hackers could send you a fake browser, which you can unknowingly use to access your online payment processing service as a result giving them your information. Ensure you use reliable and effective programs.

3. Never Use Your Debit Card Online

Usually, credit cards are safe than debit cards, so the rule of the thumb is that you should avoid using debit cards online. Credit cards have a maximum liability for fraudulent charges at $50 while for debit cards is $500. Moreover, if your debit card is compromised in fraud, you could lose access to your checking account until the bank sorts out the issue.

4. Ensure a Business is Legit

Before shopping from any business online, it is necessary to make sure that the business is legit. You can check on BBB website to find out if the business is listed. The website must have a contact us page with a physical address and phone number. If you are not sure, it is always wise to stick to popular shopping sites that have built a stellar online reputation.

When shopping online, ensure you print the receipts of your transactions and save them locally on your computer. Compare the amount on the receipt to the amount of the billing statement to ensure they match. Should you need a chargeback, get ready to provide a valid reason for that. That way, you will always ensure to make a secure payment whenever you shop online.

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