Three Effective Ways to Make Your Customers Happy and Loyal

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Good customer care

The importance of good customer care skills cannot be understated. Whether you are a company dealing mainly in business to business transactions or you deal exclusively with individual consumers, the fact is that the importance of customer care can be summed up in one word; paramount. If you fail at making customers feel special, it does not matter how good the product or service you offer is. They will stop using it.

Consider, as the Journal Advocate points out, 86% of American consumers are willing to pay more for a business’s products and services when they offer great customer service. Despite this very clear desire for b

What Is It That Makes a Furniture Store Good and Reliable?

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Customer trust and loyalty

We have all been to those affordable furniture stores where the “customer service” is nothing but an apathetic, angst-ridden teen who could not care less about the job that they are assigned to do. Heck, it does not have to be just affordable furniture stores, you can find those types of employees everywhere. The problem today is that companies are failing to hold their employees accountable for their customer service.

But because of this, when we do experience exceptional, or even just good, customer service, it is an amazing experience. As that is the case, it behooves every company out there to provide their customers with that exceptional service. It is not hard to do, when compared to all of the bad servi