5 Ways Your Donations Help Everyone

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There are many types of donations for non profit organizations that can benefit those charities, the people they serve, the environment, and even you! Read on to learn how to make donations for non profit organizations meaningful and useful.

  • Think about how donations of clothing can help others. America donates quite a lot to charity. In 2014, charitable organizations received $358.38 billion. Among those donations for non profit organizations were used clothes and home textiles. Some of these items go directly to those in need. Others are sold to provide revenue for charities that donate food, water, shelter, and

How Donating To Purple Heart Can Help Your Community And Environment This Year

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What do you do to help your community? Are you the kind of person who helps neighbors go on trash runs on notoriously dirty highways? How about offering food to shelters around the holiday season? There are a million ways to help out your fellow man at any given time of the year, but one method is starting to rise as the most popular and most long-reaching. Purple Heart veterans pick up services is a wonderful way of helping those in need, clearing out your closet and cleaning up the environment all in one go. How does this work, exactly? Let’s talk about clothing donations and why they just might be the best thing you’v

Are You Ready to Teach Your Children About Generosity?

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It’s funny the things that you do not understand when you are little. For instance, you never realized that all of the other children paid for their lunches at school while you simply walked through the line and picked up your food. You never realized that the too short haircuts that your mom forced on you when you were little were not just a way to make you look like a boy. Instead, you found out years later that after your mom had fought the battle of head lice three times before you and your sister had been in school for a month one time, she vowed that she would never again have to face that threat. Instead, she kept your hair short and constantly watched for any signs of more trouble.
There was a time when children were poor and little that they did not always have to know how different they wer