Three Industries That Benefit from Industrial Products

Written by Business magazine. Posted in Coupling nuts, Destaco, Linear bearings

Hydraulic cylinders

Did you know that almost every type of business in the United States makes use of an industrial product to improve the service or item they sell to you? Whether it is Destaco power clamps, hydraulic pumps, or stem casters, someone is using them to make sure they keep you safe and happy. Here are three of the most important American industries putting industrial products to use each day.

  • Molding Companies
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    Companies that specialize in the molding of plastic or terracotta pieces for bathrooms, cars, or architecture all have to make use of clamps on a daily basis. Destaco power clamps, for example, are often used by these companies to keep molds in place after a raw material has been placed inside them to set. Since Destaco power clamps exert 600 pounds of force, these bus